Ottawa, Eastern Ontario

Ottawa Festivals
  • Tulip Festival
  • Winterlude
  • Blues Festival
  • Jazz Festival
List of local informational Web Sites
  • West Quebec Tourism
  • Ottawa Tourism (OTCA)
  • Discover Ottawa
  • Ottawa Kiosk

Dog Sled at Nordik Adventures

Dog Sled at Nordik Adventures offers More than 80 km of trails in the middle of valleys and mountains 85 chemin Perdrix Val-des-Monts (Québec)J8N 7A1 (819) 669-5617 Day is located only 22 minutes from the cottage.

CrossCountry Skiing

Nakkertok offers groomed trails with a day pass. Located only 9km from the cottage. If you want to stay close to the cottage quite often the lake has paths from skidoo tracks.

Downhill Skiing

The Outaouais region is loaded with ski resorts. There are 4 resorts in the local area and 3 that are within the 15-25 minute range. The closest resorts are

  • Mont Cascades at (819)-827-0301
  • ki Vorlage at (819)-459-2301
  • Edelweiss Valley at (819)-459-2328

For the real enthusiasts mountain skiing is approximately a 2 hr drive away at Mont Tremblant or something in between the local hills and Tremblant in size is 1hr away at Mont Ste Marie


Mont Cascades Resort Waterpark Mont Cascades offers great, clean family fun all summer long. World-class water rides, water play areas and full food and beverage services make Mont Cascades Resort Waterpark a great place for the family to cool down and have fun.(819)-827-0301 Located about 15-20 minutes away.

Horseback Riding

Captiva Farms located 25km from the cottage offers 40 km of trails and is open for all 4 seasons. They have horses for all levels of experienced rider. For more details check out their web site Captiva Farms

Lafleche Caves

The Laflèche Caves, the largest natural caves of the Canadian Shield. Located only 15km from the cottage the Laflèche Caves offer a unique opportunity to better understand the geological history and evolution of our continent. It also has a history of its own dating back to its discovery in 1865. Their tour guides will take you through man-made and natural galleries while they explain the formation of the caves.

Video Rental

The Metro Richelieu located in the village of Perkins have a good choice of recent movies.


There are not a lot of places to eat in Perkins located just 10 minutes from the cottage. However a couple family restaurants do exist . The Restaurant Bistro Focus de Chine offers Chinese, Canadian ,and Italian food and deliver at 671-3315.

Ottawa,Gatineau or Wakefield

If you are willing to travel for 25 minutes there are an abundance of nice spots in Ottawa (30 min drive), Gatineau (25 min drive) or Wakefield (25 min drive) The tourism websites specified in the activities section can provide a large choice by area and preference.

Where to go shopping(food, gas, etc)

The village of Perkins provides essential shopping demands for food, gas, propane, videos pharmaceuticals and hardware. Wakefield located 25km from the cottage has a number of unique arts and crafts stores and a decent outdoor store for kayaks etc.
A nice place to go shopping if coming from Ottawa is at the IGA store situated at the Montee Paiment exit off Highway 50 located 2 exits before Highway 366.However the Metro Richelieu store in the village has pretty well everything you need with baked goods, barbequed chicken, and a large food selection.
There is also a Tim Horton's, Subway, and a pizza restaurant. The Ottawa region with a population of 1.2 million provides all expected types of shopping as well as items specific to the capital of Canada. Again I would recommend the tourism web sites for help with specific shopping choices.